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Elena Zaucke


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Elena Zaucke

Felix Mayr was born in 1995 in Zurich, Switzerland.
In 2014 he moved to Hamburg to take acting classes and reconnect with a long lost passion of his. Only a few months later he got accepted at the renowned academy of dramatic arts HfS Ernst Busch in Berlin.
Already during his studies he worked in multiple theatre- (Volksbühne Berlin, Ballhaus Ost, etc) and film productions.
After his graduation he did another piece at the Volksbühne Berlin (1.Evangelium by Kay Voges) and got the chance to make his international debut in the Emmy awarded mini-series »Unorthodox« on Netflix.
Shortly after that he decided to pack his backpack, money and all the courage he had to make an eleven month long trip around the world.
Full of new life he returned to Berlin in 2020 and was able to follow his career with new projects, such as »Kitz« (Netflix) by Lea Becker and Maurice Hübner, »Druck« on ZDF (lead) by Patrick Winczewski, »Sirens« by Sven Gutjahr, where he played the lead character Ben and many more. He´s represented by the Berlin based agency SPIELKIND MANAGEMENT.

His illustration work is mainly improvised, personal and complex sketches with different types of inks and materials. Other than in his Photography, where he searches for beauty, tranquility and harmony, he tries to capture the turbulence and unpredictability of his everyday life and translates it into his Illustrations. 


Life is chaos and in chaos, there is fertility, room for fantasy, interpretation and a new beginning.


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